Don Bauc Commitment to Service

Sponsored By: SkillsUSA Illinois Alumni & Friends Association

Don Bauc served as State Executive Director of SkillsUSA Illinois for 28 years. Under his leadership and guidance, SkillsUSA Illinois not only has become a major contender on the National level, but he also greatly expanded its offerings for members on the local level.

Other than his family, friends, and faith, there is nothing more important to Don or touches his heart more, than SkillsUSA. It is his life’s work. I am sure if you were to ask him he would smile and say that one of his greatest satisfactions is to see the students who experienced SkillsUSA go on to do many great things in their careers. He proudly admits that he takes great joy hearing about the accomplishments of his students.

SkillsUSA Illinois is immensely thankful for all of his hard work and dedication. Don, who is now enjoying retirement, will be greatly missed, but his legacy and the future of SkillsUSA Illinois will live on and prosper because of his efforts for so many years of service.

The SkillsUSA Illinois Alumni and Friends Association’s Commitment to Service Scholarship is in honor of Don Bauc and his service to the SkillsUSA organization for more than 3 decades. SkillsUSA Alumni from across the state are proud sponsors of this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to 1 graduating high school senior who has shown an outstanding commitment to service both to SkillsUSA and their community.