SkillsUSA Attire

Wearing the official SkillsUSA attire adds a sense of unity and identification, as well as enthusiasm, to meetings, ceremonies, presentations and activities. Members are encouraged to strictly follow the guidelines for official attire during ceremonies, visits with dignitaries, officer campaigns and similar occasions.

Official Attire For Women

-Red SkillsUSA Blazer, Windbreaker, Sweater or Black SkillsUSA Jacket
-White Collarless or Small-Collared Blouse or White Turtleneck, Collar not to extend over the blazer lapel or the sweater, Windbreaker or Jacket
-Black Dress Skirt (knee-length) or Black Dress Slacks
-Black Sheer (not opaque) or Skin-Tone Seamless Hose
-Black Shoes

Official Attire For Men

-Red SkillsUSA Blazer, Windbreaker, Sweater Or Black SkillsUSA Jacket
-White Dress Shirt
-Plain, Solid Black Tie
-Black Dress Slacks
-Plain Black Socks
-Black Dress Shoes

To order official clothing and work uniforms for competition, go to the SkillsUSA Store.